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The Shangri-La Diet – the Oils

I introduced the Shangri-La Diet (SLD) here.  I tried it once before and lost about 4 lbs.  I stopped doing it for some reason.  I started up again last week and so far so good.  I learned a lot more by reading through the old boards that are still up in read only mode.  This has opened things up to me that I didn’t know about when I first tried it.

Using the oils and other things below is to give you appetite suppression (AS).  You need to take them in a window of no food at least one hour prior and no food for at least one hour after ingesting the AS oil or concoction.

Following are the oils I have tried and how I’ve tried them.  Please note:  some people experience stomach aches & diarrhea with using oils, especially in the beginning.  It is suggested that you take digestive enzymes until your body produces enough of it’s own once it gets used to the oils.

extra virgin olive oil – EVOO

When I first started this is all I had in the pantry.  Because regular EVOO has a heavy taste, I held my nose when I took it as I couldn’t find my nose clip (had to buy a new one).  After taking it I rinsed my mouth out with water.  I learned the trick of breathing in deeply and exhaling through the mouth a good 3 times or more to get rid of flavor.

extra light tasting virgin olive oil (eloo)

I have since switched to ELOO (same calorie & fat content as EVOO & most other oils) and this is how I do it:

I use a small medicine measuring cup and put in 1 tablespoon of the ELOO.  I fill the rest of the cup with cold water.  I pour it down the back of my throat quickly like a shot.  There’s an oily taste but truly no flavor, so I don’t have to nose clip.

It has been suggested that the olive oil has a calming effect and is great to use if you take any of your oil in the evening.  Some people say it helps them fall asleep.  I don’t know about that…

coconut oil

I like coconut, don’t love it or crave it, but I like it enough.  I’ve been using coconut oil for a couple years to cook with, so my body has had it before.  I recently found a bottle of liquid coconut oil at the local Meijer’s store and thought that would work better vs. taking a glop of soft coconut oil on a tablespoon.

No matter which type I’ve used so far, I get the worse stomach pains from coconut oil.  It doesn’t last long but it sure isn’t fun.  I also had one day of diarrhea, but thank goodness it didn’t come back.

I’m a believer about the benefits of coconut oil.  But after suffering on it a few times it’s difficult to continue taking it.  I think I even took digestive enzymes last time and still had the pain and queasy feeling a while after taking the liquid coconut oil.  I’ll have to at least give that another try.

I’m not sure how long it takes for a person’s digestive enzymes to kick in if the oil is upsetting to their system.  I’ll give it another try or two with the digestive enzymes and if it still upsets my stomach then it will be relegated to what I normally use it for – cooking and moisturizing my skin.

flax oil

I’ve tried it several different ways.  At first, I tried the suggestion of using enough flax oil capsules mixed with fish oil capsules to equal about 145 calories & 14 g. of fat.  That’s a lot of capsules & it was unappealing to me.  This is how some people do it, but I tried it once and don’t feel the need to do it again.

Then I tried mixing it with just a little bit of full fat cottage cheese and nose clipped it.  That was fine but I’m questioning the addition of flavorless cottage cheese.  If nose clipping and rinsing well takes away the flavor, no need to add anything else.

Flax oil has one of the heaviest tastes of any of the oils so it needs to be taken by holding your nose or nose clipped and rinsing your mouth out well (gargle with water & spit it out) and doing the breathing techniques mentioned (inhale deeply through your nose and blow it out through the mouth several times).

Flax oil is also considered to be calming and can be taken as your last dose of the day. This is a great oil to use because of the omega-3’s it provides.  However, there are some risks so read up on it, especially if you plan on taking a tablespoon or 2 a day of this oil.

fish oil

There is a controversy about fish oil.  Is it really that healthy?  What about mercury levels?  I switch between a regular dose of fish oil and flax oil every day, but do not use it for AS.  I just take one serving of either of the oils once a day as a supplement.  If you purchase a good, organic & filtered fish oil you should hopefully reduce the mercury content.

Fish oil comes in bottles and is even flavored, which we don’t want.  So if you take a tablespoon or more of fish oil you’ll need to hold your nose or use a nose clip and rinse well after.

other oils

There are a lot of oils on the market today – many of them specifically flavored.  I’ve seen two mentioned on the boards:

Canola or grapeseed oil – these are virtually tasteless like ELOO but are definitely not as healthy.  I wouldn’t bother with canola as there are better choices.

Walnut oil – I was surprised to hear that walnut oil is virtually tasteless, but I don’t have any to test that theory.  If you use it and can taste it then you need to nose clip or hold your nose & rinse well.  It seems like a healthy oil but I’m allergic to walnuts so I won’t use it.

Other refined oils like peanut oil & vegetable oil fall into the same category as canola oil. Once they’re refined, which is how they are sold, they’re not very healthy & I wouldn’t use them.  I don’t even use them for cooking.

heavy whipping cream

We’re not talking half and half or necessarily plain cream.  It has to be heavy whipping cream where 3 tablespoons equal about 150 calories and about 15 grams of fat.

Whipping cream is unlike the above oils because it is considered animal fat. However, I don’t feel a 150 calorie serving of organic heavy whipping cream a day should be harmful for most people, and it’s the most enjoyable “oil/fat” I’ve yet to consume.

You can measure 3 tablespoons in a small cup/container and swig it down. There is a slight creamy flavor but it doesn’t seem to matter with me.  I seem to get good enough AS from it, even with coffee.  If you try it and don’t feel AS with it, try it again a couple of times while nose clipped or holding your nose.  If it doesn’t give you any AS then stick with the oils.

Another way to take it, either nose clipped or not (depending what works for you) is to pour it over ice in a smallish glass & fill the glass with sparking mineral water (like S. Pellegino).

I haven’t gotten into this yet, but the above methods of using heavy whipping cream without nose clipping is referred to as using Platinum Calories.  These are calories that can have some flavor but are high in fat with low to zero carbs and protein.  They must be taken with the “no eating 1 hour before or 1 hour after” rule.

I would love to use the organic heavy whipping cream for both of my AS servings, but keep it to once a day because it’s simply not as healthy as olive oil.


The author of the diet, Seth Roberts Ph.D, started using butter towards the end. Some people say that’s what caused his death at age 61 but he showed improvements in blood readings after using the butter and supposedly there was heart disease in his family.

I’m treating butter the same as the heavy whipping cream.  You need to use enough butter to provide at least 120 calories and 14 grams of fat per serving as AS.  You can nose clip or try it without to see what works.  Some people use it as Platinum Calories with coffee (yes, butter in coffee – some love it).

Again, I wouldn’t do this more than once a day and I prefer the whipping cream, even though I love butter.  Just would rather not eat it in the ways it would give AS.

coconut milk

Since I love the supposed benefits of coconut oil but it doesn’t agree with my stomach, I tried an experiment using 3 cups of coconut milk (enough to equate to the calories & fat needed for AS).  At first I tried it without the nose clips & I was immediately grossed out. Without waiting another hour I took my chances at drinking the 3 cups nose clipped.

It went down fine without the flavor but it took a long time to drink 3 cups worth, especially when I had that lingering gross taste in my mind.  I will never try that again, but for those that love coconut milk, this could be another way of using Platinum Calories.  If it doesn’t work with the distinct flavor then drink it with nose clips.

other heavy fats

If you can find cottage cheese with the requirements for Platinum Calories then it might work, nose clipped or not.  Some people are using heavy fat, flavorless yogurt.

Items like these would be experiments for most people and it would depend on your food sensitivities whether these items would give you AS.  Cottage cheese has the proper amount of calories & fat in 1/2 cup, but there’s also 14 grams of protein and 4 grams of carbs.

I haven’t tried these yet on their own with or without nose clipping.  I recently bought a carton of organic full fat cottage cheese so I might give it a try tomorrow.  I will try without nose clips (Platinum Calories) to see if I get AS out of it.  If not, I can’t see eating it nose clipped vs. my other methods of getting AS.

nose clipping

Some people are getting good AS from nose clipping smoothies with oil, entire meals or caloric snacks while nose clipped.  They normally use that two hour window – at least 1 hour before or 1 hour after without any other food.

I tried nose clipping a spinach & strawberry smoothie with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, some cinnamon & a little water as breakfast one morning.  I don’t particularly like the flavor of green smoothies, no matter how much fruit or Stevia I put in.  So I thought this would be a healthful AS meal.

I think it worked well enough for AS and I’ll try it again to be sure.  I can use up the balance of my coconut oil in one.  But I’m enjoying my Platinum Calories of coffee with 3 tablespoons of organic heavy whipping cream too much to switch it for a nose clipped green smoothie.

Sure would be healthier though!  And I could try putting in coconut oil instead of olive oil to see if the added spinach & fruit would help with the stomach issues.

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