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The Shangri-La Diet – Sugar Water

The basis of The Shangri-La Diet (SLD) is to create appetite suppression by either ingesting sugar water or a healthy oil.  I’ve already wrote about the oils, now to talk about using sugar water.

The first thing I want to mention is that towards the end of the height of activity of this diet plan, the author, Seth Roberts, stopped using sugar water.  As mentioned before, Seth passed away in his early 60’s.

Sugar water is how Seth started this diet – actually sugar sodas he had in France.  You can read his book for the details.  Many people feel they get the best AS from sugar water.

Isn’t sugar considered a poison?

I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, but as a sugarholic it’s certainly similar to an addictive drug.  As mentioned above, after more publicity about sugar’s evil ways with our bodies, even Seth stopped the sugar water in lieu of taking oil (and butter).

I tried sugar water last night

I’ve been on The Shangri-La Diet for over a week now and have lost more than 3 pounds. The two hour no eating windows before and after my AS haven’t been an issue at all. Today will be a bit of a challenge as I’m going to be spending most of the day away during my final oil intake so I’m going to try to pack it up and take it with me.  I don’t want to have to take it too late at night or right before bed.

Yesterday I didn’t have as strong AS as usual.  I didn’t overeat by any means, but I did want to eat.  I wasn’t sure if I put 1 or 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream in my coffee yesterday and didn’t want to add any more in case I did.

After dinner I was actually craving something sweet (I already had a strawberry cheesecake yogurt for dessert).  So I thought it would be a great time to try the sugar water again (I had used it in the past).

Sugar water can be sickeningly sweet

As I mentioned, I am a sugarholic.  My downfall is candy, and my current addiction is Jelly Bellies (used to be Hot Tamales).  I love cotton candy – most all candy!

However, I don’t like sweet tea (received it by mistake a couple times at McDonalds) or regular desserts that are overly sweet.  When I bake I actually cut the sugar down and it always tastes fine, probably better.

I read through the Shangri-La Diet forums again to try to find the right amount of sugar to use in the water.  You are supposed to use your current body weight as the amount of calories of either sugar or the oil for your AS.  For example, for a 150 pound woman, she would need 150 calories worth of sugar.  A tablespoon of sugar has about 48 calories so around 3 tablespoons of sugar in water would equate to one AS serving of sugar water.

There doesn’t seem to be any rules as to the amount of water used.  Since it should be sipped slowly over at least a 30 minute period (I took much longer since I used over 3 cups of water), the more water the better unless you like the sweetness factor, which is high, even for a candy lover like me.

You can take it cold or hot.  Some people feels it quenches their need for a hot tea or even coffee (normally people who put sugar in those drinks).  When I was on The Carbohydrate’s Diet I stopped drinking sweet drinks and never went back. And I used to be one of those people that would hear “are you going to have some coffee with your sugar?”

Also, you might consider stirring your portion of sugar in a small amount of hot water before adding cold water and/or ice to it (I didn’t use ice) so it will dissolve better & not be grainy.  Stir it well in the hot water before adding cold.  I used about 1/2 cup of hot water & the rest was refrigerated water from my Zero Water pitcher – temp was perfect for me but I don’t like drinks to be too cold.

Even with more than 3 cups of water it was still extremely sweet.  So here’s the timing rules again:

  • No food/flavor minimum 1 hour before taking sugar water
  • Take at least 30 minutes to sip the sugar water – this will supposedly help prevent an insulin spike – I probably took about an hour to finish
  • No food/flavor minimum 1 hour after taking the sugar water

How was the AS with the sugar water?

I was fine for the rest of the night as far as hunger or cravings went.  However, I felt a stronger urge to have my coffee with heavy whipping cream this morning.  I can usually wait for my husband to make the coffee and not be thinking about it like this morning.

It’s 1:00 and I haven’t had lunch yet and although I was thinking about it before, I’m not super hungry.  Don’t even know what I want.  Seems my AS is still on track as all I’ve had so far was my coffee with heavy whipping cream.

So I guess it worked OK, it actually quieted my craving for something sweet and it was OK AS this morning.  But for health reasons I don’t think I’ll be doing it much in the future.  Back to heavy whipping cream and oil for me.

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