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The Shangri-La Diet – Nose Plugging

One of the basics of the Shangri-La Diet, or SLD, is getting in a certain amount of “tasteless calories” which help with appetite suppression and insulin response.  The diet can be as simple as taking 1 or 2 doses a day of a good oil – the calories in each dose should be close to your current weight and measured accordingly.

Some oils are pretty tasteless such as Light Tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil (ELOO) and canola oil (not as healthy).  If you only have regular virgin olive oil (EVOO) or are using a heavily flavored oil like flax oil, then you’ll need to hold your nose or use a nose clip (you can find them in stores in the swimming/pool aisle or sporting goods stores).

Different ways of using nose clips

With your flavorful oils – maybe you take ELOO in the morning and flax at night, or some other mix (I feel coconut oil has a lot of flavor), you would hold your nose while taking or use a nose clip (frees your hands) while taking your oil. Some people will leave the clips on for 10 minutes after and rinse their mouths out before removing the clips so any taste is gone.  I’ve found immediately rinsing with water like gargling, removing the clips and then taking at least 3 deep breaths in through the nose and blowing out through the mouth takes flavor away.

Drinking a smoothie – It’s too difficult holding your nose and trying to drink something so nose clips would really help.  I personally do not care for the taste of my green smoothies.  Now I can make one and not even have to use a lot of fruit, Stevia or other flavor to make it taste acceptable.  I can just use greens, a little water, maybe some cinnamon for it’s benefits and my tablespoon of oil.  Blend it up, put on the nose clips and drink a healthy, although not very tasty smoothie, and hopefully get appetite suppressant (AS).

I tried it once with spinach, strawberries, cinnamon & a tablespoon of ELOO. Seemed to work as I don’t remember having any cravings that day.  Some people add protein powder to their nose clipped smoothies.  I have a protein powder that has a weird taste so I could use that.  I’m really not sure how adding too much protein and carbs would affect AS, especially since people find success nose clipping their meals.

Eating an entire meal – There are some people that eat entire meals with a nose clip.  They feel that by not tasting anything they’re eating, the same appetite suppressant will occur as if they took their oil serving.  I’ve never tried this and I’d almost rather keep up with the oil or other Platinum Calories vs. missing out on the flavors of a nice meal.  If it was something I didn’t like, I guess it would be easier to nose clip but I don’t cook food I don’t like.  If I ate somewhere in public and I didn’t care for the food I certainly wouldn’t pull out my nose clips!  Some people actually nose clip in public – I wouldn’t want to.

The other rule of nose clipping is the same with other appetite suppressants – do not have any flavor a minimum of one hour before having your nose clipped AS and nothing (besides water) a minimum of an hour later.

Keep experimenting!

The Shangri-La Diet was based on an experiment by the author, who used himself as a guinea pig.  We’re all different, different shapes and sizes and with different metabolisms.  What I love about SLD is the variety of methods one can use – and experiment on themselves with, to achieve their goal weight.  There are things you can switch around. Drinking oil bothering you even without taste? Try it in a smoothie with a nose clip.

There are all kinds of ways you can use SLD, and at some point I’m going to combine it with another plan and see how it goes.  The only diet I can see it being difficult with is The Rotation Diet.  If I have to get a little less than 300 tasteless calories in a day on those three 600 calorie days, I certainly don’t want to have half as my oil consumption.  I guess nose clipping my morning egg would help, and then I could maybe fit in one AS dose of ELOO or nose clip a green smoothie.  That might be my next experiment!

Caution – if you don’t have a nose clip be careful trying food bag clips or clothespins.  They could hurt your nose & possibly cause cuts.  Many wouldn’t fit on your nose to begin with. My nose clips are plastic from Speedo and sometimes they can start sliding off.  If that keeps happening I put a small piece of paper towel under to keep them on.  Somewhere in my house I have a pair of wire & plastic clips and from what I can remember they stayed on pretty well & could be pinched for a tighter fit.  If you can’t find them locally just do a Google search, they’re not expensive.

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