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The Bulletproof Diet

I think I found this in a recent edition of Woman’s World Magazine.  What caught my eye about this plan was something I had read about before in The Shangri-La Diet.

It was about putting butter in your coffee.  In this version, however, you pair it with coconut oil.  You are supposed to blend it so it gets frothy (I used a hand blender) – it just gets a little froth on top.

The Bulletproof Diet Backstory

The diet was conceived and written by Dave Asprey. Stop over to Amazon and check it out – you’ll learn more about Dave and this diet by many of the comments. It is rated 4 stars but I don’t always trust those ratings. This guy is trying to sell his book after all…

And there’s more he wants to sell – if you study his book and website, he’s pushing his own coffee and his own oil (not coconut oil, but specifically MCT oil – supposedly more beneficial for weight loss), plus other items such as supplements and other things.

I’m not saying it’s a horrible money making machine. Let’s face it, Weight Watchers sells it’s own items & online or in-person memberships. So does Atkins and you have to pay for food from Nutrisystem and similar programs.

Most of the diets I’m posting are from books or other resources that don’t cost much. They aren’t selling their own products – you can follow the plan with regular food.

Based on the website, I actually went out and purchased MCT oil from GNC. I’ll write more about it later.

To me, coconut oil is a wonderful item, but I can only take it in tiny amounts

I like coconut, but I only like it in certain things, like coconut icing on cakes, coconut shrimp, coconut cream pie (only if someone makes or brings it – nothing I’d order in a restaurant). I also like nuts but I can’t stand nuts in brownies or fudge or things like that.

Bottom line is, I don’t like it in my coffee! I could barely finish it. It was making me ill. People in the magazine were gushing about how good it tastes – not for me!

So I had to hack it. I added a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream with my tablespoon of butter. Now that was good!

I believe in good fats

The more I study diets and nutrition, the more I believe that eating good fats, in moderation, are OK and can help with weight loss. It’s not going to work if you pair it with a bunch of junky carbs. So the whole idea of The Bulletproof Coffee is to just have that as your breakfast.

Your body is getting around 200-400 calories but it’s all fat. Supposedly, your body won’t store the fat and it will be used as energy. If you pair this coffee with a carb for breakfast, forget it – you just blew the theory. The magazine mentioned you could pair it with an egg, but more weight loss was seen without.

Here’s the good news – it kept me from getting hungry for anywhere from 2-4 hours!

there is a diet plan

I’m not going to go into it here as I didn’t follow the food plan, but it is geared towards a high fat/lower carb eating plan. Here’s suggested proportions to give you an idea: 50 to 60% of daily calories from healthy fats (such as coconut oil, avocado, and grass-fed and/or pastured animals), 20% from protein, and the remaining 20 to 30% from vegetables.

That’s not much fun! I’ve been on low carb diets such as The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet. I was on that for a long time because it was a forgiving plan, allowing carbs at one daily meal. I’m not providing the entire eating plan for The Bulletproof diet because I couldn’t follow it.

With that said, the magazine article stated that people were able to lose by just drinking the coffee for breakfast. I didn’t see weight loss, but I think it kept me from gaining when my back went out for around 4 weeks and I wasn’t on any kind of plan with the exception of the coffee. My weight didn’t go up and it probably should have as I stopped counting my calories and was snacking on junk again while recovering.

about the butter and oil

Dave Asprey feels you should use grass-fed butter. I almost bought some but I read somewhere that grass-fed might not be as healthy as we think. Was the grass treated with anything or is there any kind of run-off from other farms? How do we know?

I personally use organic butter. It is said that it should be unsalted, but I like regular salted organic butter. It doesn’t make your coffee taste salty IMO.

I switched from the gag inducing coconut oil (I use it to fry eggs and make stir frys and other things where I can’t taste it much, if at all) and used a flavorless MCT oil. With either the coconut or MCT oil I felt a queasy, heavy feeling in my gut after drinking the coffee. I was hoping to get used to it but it kept happening.

That’s when I switched to heavy cream with the butter. That tasted good! Maybe if I stayed with the MCT oil my body would have gotten used to it and I would have seen actual weight loss, but again, I couldn’t tell because I was injured. And it doesn’t matter because I couldn’t seem to get used to the MCT oil and I hated that sick feeling. I just want to lose around 15-20 lbs. and I don’t want to get sick doing it.

there are followers and detractors

If you study this diet online, especially comments on Amazon, you’ll see that there are fervent followers and believers in the plan and then there are people complaining that Dave Asprey’s “scientific studies” aren’t so scientific. There are definitely success stories but many people can’t follow his diet plan.

Many out-of-the-box diet plans have naysayers – Atkins is a great example. There have been many successes (although whether most have kept their weight loss off long-term is a question I have), yet he still has products on the shelf even though he died in 2003.

I suggest before starting this plan, unless you’re just going to give The Bulletproof Coffee a try, that you do some research. I’m not even giving a link to his website because I didn’t find it very user friendly, but just do a Google search.

I’ll be trying the bulletproof coffee again sometime

As I said, I liked my hack of the butter with heavy whipping cream. I think I’ll save this for maintenance when I reach goal, or just want to take a break from other diet plans. But I’m already on something new so stay tuned.

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