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I’ve been a member of Spark People for a long time.  I counted calories on several different diets online using their service.  It wasn’t my first online calorie counting website but I can’t remember the first one I started out with.  I pretty much settled on Spark People.

I got to know a couple members as I actually posted some blog posts through the website.  I decided I didn’t want to keep my posts to a website that I didn’t know if it would last or change, so I created this blog. It’s my diet diary and hopefully some of my posts, trials and tribulations can help someone else.

If you’re a member of Spark People you can sync whatever you add on the iPad with the online website.  Supposedly, there are a couple differences between the two but I haven’t been using the online version so I can’t tell you what they are.

SparkPeople iPad appiPad App

I love the look of the SparkPeople iPad app.  As you can see it is very colorful and fun.  Dieting isn’t fun, and neither is tracking calories, so they try to lighten it up.


  • looks great
  • pretty easy-to-use
  • can easily save favorites
  • can save a recipe or meal through “food grouping”
  • has a large database of foods
  • searching foods is pretty good and you get two choices of search words
  • editing actual portion sizes can get tricky (you don’t have a choice of 1/2 or .5 – you have to put 0.5)
  • some measurements seem quite rigid, including when you’re adding your own food item (only offering grams vs. offering cup, for example)
  • doesn’t work offline!
I am going through 4 different apps right now and this is one of the top 2.  But the one con I have about portion sizes might be the deal breaker.  We’ll see!

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  1. Try the iPod/iPhone app on the iPad. It works on the iPad and is better, especially the portion size function, which was a deal breaker for me too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work offline either.

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