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Saying Good-bye to Weight Watchers

au revoir weight watchers points plusThis has happened before.  I was on Weight Watchers Flex Plan for more than 2 1/2 years.  I got down to my smallest size since Freshman year in high school.  Some people told me I was too thin.  I felt wonderful.

But something happened.  First off, when you reach goal (and under), you feel like you’ve learned how to eat right and you don’t need to be so rigid with constantly journaling points.  In fact, I started hating doing that, even though it kept me on track.

So I quit and I was able to keep the weight off for at least a year.  But once you start getting bad eating habits that weight can pile back on so quickly!  Eventually, that’s what happened.

I tried other diet plans with some success and even attempted another try at Weight Watchers.  I went to the meetings and got within 4 pounds of my goal but I didn’t like the meetings.  I once again hated counting points.  To me, it was just an added step to calorie counting if you were doing it on your own.

I tried Weight Watchers Points Plus last October, doing it online.  I loved it at first and I still think it’s a good plan.  But once again, I got tired of converting points and that attempt didn’t last long.

Trying it last month was a bust.  I had a difficult time staying with it.  It’s a new month and I’m just counting calories using some apps on my iPad.  I’ll be writing about that during this month and hopefully I can have some fun using my iPad to help me lose.  I have to remind myself to cancel my monthly WW online subscription – I haven’t used it much since I started it up last year.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that! I wish you the best of luck with Weight Watchers. I think it’s the healthy way to lose wegiht and though it may seem slower than other diet plans to get to your desired results, it’ll be worth it in the end because it’ll become like a life style. My mom has tried and failed with WW a couple of times, but this time, she has stuck to her guns and lost over 40 lbs! She still gets teary-eyed whenever she mentions that she is finally about to shop in the “normal” women’s section and I’m so happy for her.

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