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About the Author

pear shaped womanI had created another diet blog but lost it during a host transition.  I am starting over from scratch and my emphasis is on losing my last 7-11 pounds.  I have already lost around 20, but most of that has been from having cancer and losing my appetite from surgery and radiation.  However, even with all I went through, I’m still short of my goal.  And once my appetite came back again I knew I’d have to “diet” again.

I did not take any before or during photos and I’m so close to goal it’s a bit too late now.  But I am getting compliments on how good I look and people can tell that I’ve lost weight.  My clothes are fitting much better, although I still can’t get into all of my pants yet (petite and pear shaped).

I get bored with eating the same way, so this blog is going to feature my attempts at the different diets I’ve used over the years.  My two most successful diets were Weight Watchers using The Wendie Plan (over 1 1/2 years total) and The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet (almost 3 years).

I Was a Skinny Kid

I would never had thought I would need to diet as I grew up a stringbean.  My Dad would say a heavy wind would blow me away.  I ate whatever I wanted and was a candy addict.  We had penny candy so I could get over 100 pieces of candy for a dollar (some were 2 for one cent)!  Even as a skinny child, I would eat until I was kind of sick, take a break and come back later.

It wasn’t just candy.  My Dad grew up poor and swore his kids would not “want” for food.  Our pantry was packed with candy, cookies, pretzels, chips, crackers and soda pop.  There was always ice cream in the freezer.  And I was lucky enough to be able to eat whatever I wanted and stay skinny.

And Then the Weight Battle Began

I had one time in my teen years that I gained about 5-6 pounds.  Doesn’t sound like much but when you’re petite and pear shaped you can feel scale and tape measureyour pants getting tighter.  I believe it was when we turned our bicycles and walking everywhere in for cars.  We lost the only “exercise” we did (besides gym in school).  I think at that time I stopped ordering milk shakes and I lost the weight and it stayed off for a long time.

When I was 22 I had my first child (of 3) and actually weighed less after I had her than before.  I gained a total of 13 pounds, but I watched what I ate.  All I had to do was limit my candy and snacks.  When I had my 2nd child is the first time I gained more than 5-6 pounds.  It was more like 10+ pounds and I didn’t lose it immediately.  But eventually I got down to a size 4 pants and all was pretty good until I had my 3rd child.  That time I gained even more and it stayed on even longer and I started my yo yo dieting.

I Woke Up One Morning and Gained 20 Pounds

One of my friends said that referring to menopause, which she hit before I did as she is a few years older than me.  Boy, was she right!  The real weight battle began in my 40’s and once menopause hit I almost accepted my new higher weight.  But when I’d see myself in pictures or see my reflection walking past store windows or mirrors, I couldn’t believe that was me.  I was a skinny person in a fat person’s body!  I didn’t think of myself as fat until I saw what I actually looked like.  And I wasn’t happy about it.

It’s so Hard if You Don’t Have the Click

If I didn’t have that click, I couldn’t follow any plan for any longer than a few days or a week or two.  I once again have the motivation to reach my goal and try to stay there.  Part of it is now health reasons.  I’m not sure I believe that some cancer victims were able to cure themselves by eating healthy, but there are some that swear it worked.  I want to eat as healthily as possible.  It is the only way I can try to control this disease and help prevent a recurrence.  There is much more at stake this time than vanity.



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