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On the Run – 800 Calorie Diet

After my day off between the 3 Day Detox diet I began the “On the Run – 800 Calorie Diet” from the DietPoint app.  I think this was also included in the free version of the app.  This was a 5 day plan and I actually pushed it up to 900 daily calories because I didn’t want 8 days of super low calories – 900 is still low.

This is a great quick start die plan for busy people or people that don’t cook much.  I hacked this plan a lot so I’m not going to go through each of my 5 days on the plan.  I basically turned it into counting calories vs. following it exactly.

So why am I including it if I didn’t really follow it exactly?  I think it’s a nifty, quick start low-calorie diet plan that is super easy to follow.

On the Run – 800 Calorie Diet plan

There are 5 days and they’re all the same with the exception of the daily fruit snack.

Breakfast – 1 80 calorie cereal bar, tea or coffee with a splash of milk

My hack – I couldn’t find any gluten-free 80 calorie cereal bar so I made 1 fried egg

Snack – 1 fruit
Day 1 – an apple
Day 2 – an orange
Day 3 – a banana
Day 4 – an apple
Day 5 – an orange

My hack – After the first day of a fruit between breakfast and lunch I switched it to between lunch and dinner.  I didn’t always have a fruit depending on how many calories lunch and dinner were since they weren’t always a frozen dinner at 300 calories.

Lunch – a 300 calorie frozen dinner

My hack – if I was out on the road, for instance, I had a Taco Bell tostada (without the spicy ranch sauce) at about 210 calories.  That actually gave me more calories to use towards dinner or my snack.  You don’t have to have a frozen dinner – just an equivalent to 300 calories.  This allows for more freedom while still staying on the basic plan.

Dinner – a 300 calorie frozen dinner plus 1 sugarless pudding or jello cup.

My hack – again, sometimes I’d eat a frozen dinner or something else but I don’t eat sugar-free stuff.  I would have a Kozy Shack Rice Pudding cup at 100 calories.  Keep in mind, I was eating around 900 calories a day.  This made me search a bit deeper in the frozen section for gluten free dinners.  I found a few new ones.

synopsis of the on the run – 800 calorie diet plan

  • very easy to follow, especially if you’re using the frozen dinners as specified
  • not much planning necessary
  • low calorie – use only as a quick-start to beginning a new eating plan
  • this is something you can come back to if you fall off the wagon on whatever plan you’ve been on

Between this and the 3 Day Detox Diet I realized that combining the 2 was very similar to The Rotation Diet.  I’ve always had success with that as a quick-start or fast weight loss plan.  Bottom line, I’d rather follow The Rotation Diet and calorie count with an emphasis on protein rather than follow these 2 plans.  However, the Rotation Diet has it’s own eating menus in the book to follow.  I know my body so I prefer to just count the calories.

The bad news is that I had a day off and had to add another day to the plan.  On the 4th evening everything was going fine until I had a craving for potato chips (I love Stax).  I didn’t have any in the house so I had 3 small handfuls of peanuts, which I felt was healthier anyway.

The peanuts didn’t do the trick – I wanted junk food!  I knew we had some cheese balls in the house so I ate some but not a lot as the grossness of them was turning me off.  After that I wanted candy.  I ended up getting a roll of Necco wafers.

I was really disappointed and don’t know what happened but I got back on track the next 2 days.  Unfortunately, I didn’t lose any more weight than the 3 lbs. lost on the 3 Day Detox Diet.  In fact, I gained a few ounces.  That was still almost 3 lbs. lost from 8 days of dieting.  I’ll take it!

I think this is important to know because I think too many days of low calorie consumption isn’t good.  I’m not worried because being on low calorie for only a week isn’t going to change your metabolism, especially since I took 2 days off.  Next week will be back to 1200 calories and I probably won’t lose anything for a while until my body adjusts.

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