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This is one of my favorite calorie trackers.  It is easy-to-use and very intuitive.  I just found out a new thing about it last night while a passenger in a car.  I forgot my phone (Internet hotspot) at home so was offline.  This was the only app that worked.  I was ready to dump the remaining two right then and there but this one lacks one thing that is in the “Cons” below.

myfitnesspal app
The Home Page


  • Very easy-to-use with an intuitive interface
  • Meals are already split up so you can easily get the right food in the correct meal
  • You can copy full meals to another day which is great for those same meals you eat a lot
  • It has a very large database of foods
  • It shows your most recent foods
  • Instead of having a “Favorites” section it keeps track of most used foods
  • It can take recipes
  • It has a barcode scanner and it’s the first one I got to work but it wasn’t easy, although I was holding both the iPad and the bag I was trying to scan.  Maybe if I had set it down on a flat surface it would have worked better.
  • Only app I kept that works offline
  • Once you’re finished for the day you click a button & it tells you what you might weigh in 5 weeks if you ate this way every day.  Probably not accurate but a fun feature.
  • Has a nice “daily totals” section which adds your activity calories to what is left – the only app that does that out of the others I’ve tried.  The others show activity calories but they don’t add them to your total consumable calories.  I’ve learned that I lose best when I eat everything coming to me in my range.
  • Not very colorful or fun looking on the actual food addition page – home page is a bit more interesting
  • I would rather have an alphabetical “Favorites” list instead of a most used list that is not in alphabetical order – if it wasn’t set up with this one thing I would immediately dump the others – I don’t know who thought this was better!
Regardless of the cons, even without a Favorites section, this might be the winner.  I’m going to keep using the 3 I have until next week and get rid of one or declare my favorite.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Spark does have a function that incorporates fitness calories. I’ve been using Spark and long time and like it, but you’ve inspired me to give this one a try. The ability to use it offline is big.

  2. Myfitnesspal is so far “from my point of view”, the best app to track calories. I used to be a sparkpeople member before, but the app is too slow. I also use calorie counter, but didn’t like it as much as myfitnesspal. This one is a keeper..

  3. Wow – thanks Helen! I’m still learning the differences in the apps, although I think this one is the keeper. I’ll have to check that out. This was my only real negative and I guess I didn’t notice the “sort button.”

  4. Hi!

    When you first posted your main apps last week, I downloaded this one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their database so much more than Spark. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Spark.

    By “favorites” do you mean your “Most Used” section? Because I just now, even after a week, saw that there is a sort button at the top, both the site and the app and you can sort alphabetically instead of most recent!

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