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My Day Off Between DietPoint App Diets

After finishing the 3 Day Detox diet I took one day off because my granddaughter was graduating from 8th grade and I knew we were going to be going out for dinner.  My day off wasn’t a food frenzy.

I ate light and healthy throughout the day.  I was busy so couldn’t get into any binging.  I had an egg for breakfast, a small piece of gluten free toast (3 Bakers – my current favorite gluten free bread, but they’re tiny slices) with a small portion of homemade Chicken ala King on top for lunch and an Atkins snack bar late afternoon.

We attended the graduation that started at 7:00.  We went for dinner after so it was a later than usual meal but I wasn’t starving.  We went to a local Mexican restaurant and I only had a handful of chips with fresh salsa.  I’ve hit that chip bowl like I hadn’t eaten in a week at prior dining out experiences at Mexican restaurants.  I was proud of myself.  Dinner was one tostada with one small taste of the Mexican rice (which I’m never crazy about) and some black beans.  We stopped at an ice cream place after and I had a small ice cream in a cup.

All in all, I’m loosely figuring around 1200-1300 calories that day.  Coming off 3 days of 600 calories I think it was a good thing to do.  Get out of that low calorie cycle for one day while planning on 5 days of 900 calories.

In the past, if I had a planned diet day off I would allow myself to eat some forbidden items like candy and chips (my binge foods).  It was easy to keep my day off very reasonable after coming off such a low calorie plan.  I wasn’t hungry and I really didn’t want to overeat or eat a bunch of junk.

you don’t have to take a day off

I just liked the picture here, but you don’t have to take a day off between diet plans.  If you feel like you’re on a roll and want to move forward, do it!  Although I didn’t weigh myself the next morning I feel I might have gained a few ounces.  That’s OK as I know the 3 pounds I lost on the 3 Day Detox Diet was some water weight.

So if you do take a day off, don’t freak out if you weigh yourself the next morning and gain a little.  If you go back to the same or a new eating plan it will all balance out.

My plan is that if I have a special occasion like a party, wedding/baby shower, etc., I’m not going to count calories that day.  I am not going to pig out or binge eat.  By watching what you eat on your day off it will be much easier to get back on the diet wagon the next day.

Here’s my tips in summary:

  • go ahead and take a day off for a special occasion
  • eat as light and well as you can
  • make good choices with the main meal of the party or occasion – don’t overeat
  • realize that consuming alcohol might make it harder to get back on plan the next day (alcoholic beverages make me want candy and chips (sweet & salty binge) the following day
  • don’t weigh yourself the next day – wait a day or two after you’ve gotten back on your diet plan
  • try not to take too many days off prior to reaching goal – make it for special occasions only
  • always keep hydrated, especially the day after

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