lost a pound on weight watchers points plus program

Lost a Pound in Less Than a Week on Weight Watchers Points Plus

one pound lost on Weight Watchers this weekMy first week of eating the Weight Watchers Points Plus plan has already brought me a one pound loss.  I normally don’t weigh until Friday or Saturday morning but I did it today and was pleased with the number.  I am now officially 6 pounds from goal.

I will write another post in more detail, but I am waiting to start my exercise regimen until I am 5 pounds away.  It is always difficult to lose those last 5 pounds so I’ve been saving up exercise as a metabolism booster.

I’m feeling good with a lot of energy and although I’ve got those “good” hunger pangs (which tells me my body is losing), I don’t have my normal binge mentality.  I’m probably eating better on WW PP vs. The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet (CAD).  My meals are usually more balanced  on Weight Watchers since I can eat from all food groups at every meal vs. having to stay low carb for 2 out of 3 meals on CAD.

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