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Lost a Couple of Ounces But am Still Happy

lost weight on the scale after a bad week on Weight Watchers Points PlusHow can I be happy with a 2 ounce loss?  I thought I had gained.  I had a bad week on Weight Watchers Points Plus.  I wrote about my one bad day but didn’t write about the second bad day I had.  I’m not sure why I’ve been struggling, but I know part of it is the days I don’t eat any fruit it is difficult to stay on plan.  I always have some kind of vegetable with dinner but that’s not enough to curb my binge mentality.

Another thing I’ve been doing wrong is purchasing junk food and candy, thinking I can fit it in my daily points at small enough amounts to allow a treat but still stay on plan.  That didn’t work for 2 days for me last week.  But to go off plan for 2 days and still lose a little is wonderful, especially since I’m so close to goal (6 pounds).  And truth be told, I don’t think I went over my weekly points, or if I did it wasn’t by much.  However, I ate bad for 2 days, eating too much junk, so it is not acceptable.

I made it through a challenging week and yesterday started my new one.  I did great yesterday, even having 1 daily point leftover.  I am going out to dinner tonight with my friends and am not worried about it.  I’ll order something good and eat half.  I’ll have unsweetened iced tea and I’m not sure about dessert.  I’ve never been to this restaurant and don’t know what they offer.  I found out recently that I’m allergic to wheat so won’t be having any kind of cake or pie or bakery item.

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