ipad diet

iPad Diet

It’s really just calorie counting, but I’m using a few apps on the iPad. I started out with about 5 or 6 but I immediately deleted the app that was using metric only. Then I deleted another 1 or 2 because of ease of use and interface.


I am now down to Spark People, an app called Cal Counter with a green Apple logo, MyFitnessPal and another Calorie Counter app from fatsecret. No more converting points with Weight Watchers Points Plus. As I’ve mentioned before, to me it’s just another step having to convert calories to points.

I’ll go through each individual app and list my pros and cons. What’s nice about the iPad is that I take it almost everywhere I go and even if it’s just in the car, I can record my meals wherever I happen to be. Most of the time I can remember and wait until I get home, but the option is there.

I could also download some or all of these apps to my phone but to me I prefer the larger screen of the iPad to work on. Of course, now I’ll be putting my calories down on 4 different apps every day unless I decide to delete yet another. I might give it a week and stick with my favorite(s), although so far I’m liking them all.

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