I Have to Eat My Fruit

While I am disappointed at myself for falling off the wagon several times last week on Weight Watchers Points Plus, I am climbing back on the wagon the next day and eating good.  Posting about it will hopefully help me stay on track.

I was raised on candy, chips, pretzels, ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc.  My Mom would cook every night and we ate well, but our pantry was filled with junk food.  Luckily, I was a skinny kid and the weight gain didn’t really come until my 2nd child.  I had a little spurt as a teenager once we started driving and we didn’t ride our bikes or walk as much.  But I nipped that in the bud quickly and didn’t really have problems until my 2nd pregnancy.

What I have noticed is that when I don’t eat fruit first before any other snacks then my sugar and carb desire spikes and I want to binge.  If I have fruit first it fills me up and if I fruits are free on Weight Watchers Points Plusstill need a sweet treat I don’t go all wacky and start eating snacks left and right, going from sweet to salty (usually potato chips).  WW PP rewards us for eating our fruits and veggies by not charging us points for most of them, so I don’t know why I’m suddenly having such a hard time.

Funny thing is, I went out to dinner the other night with friends and had a salad followed by gelato and I was fine with my points that day.  I binged the next day.  I noticed I felt tired and didn’t feel like myself, which is maybe why I started eating junk.

Today I ate good and light.  I didn’t have any candy and just finished having a delicious, perfectly ripe organic pear.  I ate under my daily points to help make up for yesterday.  I will try to do the same tomorrow.   As long as I can pick myself up from those bad days I should be fine.  More fruits and veggies for me = less junk.  Unfortunately, fruits were never my “go-to” snack.  I also want to get back to juicing and maybe I’ll start tomorrow.  When I did it before I didn’t have a desire to eat the nasty stuff as much.  I need to get back to that place.


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