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Had a Bad Day – And What I Did About It

I was a little disconcerted that so soon on plan, a plan I love over all other plans, I had a binge day.  It didn’t start out as a binge day, and I fought the urges most of the day.  But then the evening came and those off-brand cheese puffs my daughter bought won out (they had been calling my name all day, and even the day before).  I have no idea how many I ate.  And I followed them up with toffee peanuts – unweighed and unmeasured.

At first I wasn’t going to attempt to record them on my online food tracker.  I had no idea how much I ate.  So I figured I’d just stay within my daily points for the rest of the week and not eat any of my extra leftover points.  But I didn’t want my week to have holes in it where I didn’t record something.  So I did my best guess and wrote those horrible amount of points down.  The thing is, even with overestimating I still have weekly points left.

What Happened?

I haven’t been eating fruit for the past few days.  I only had apples left and just didn’t have a taste for them.  That means I’ve been eating more junk.  Sure, they fit into my points just fine, but they created that binge urge.

Another thing I noticed is that because I hadn’t been sleeping well, I was feeling fatigued, even having to take a catnap almost every day, which I rarely do.  So the combination of no fruits/little veggies and being tired, my willpower was gone.  The temptations won.

eat more fruits than junk food

I Paid for It

Since the binging started in the evening I had acid reflux while sleeping.  I woke up with indigestion and a terrible taste in my mouth.  The good news is I had enough of junky eating (even if it was within my points) and I went out and bought more fruits and veggies.  I was still going to eat just within my daily points yesterday and actually went under by 2, which is fine after my previous day.

It’s So Much Easier to Stay on Plan When You Eat Right

My lesson was this:  most fruits and veggies are zero points.  Eat those that you like and there won’t be much room left for the junk.  I felt so good yesterday with clean eating.  In fact, I had so many points left after dinner that I had to eat more as I don’t want to eat too little.  That ends up backfiring after a while.  So I had some pistachio nuts and a piece of Amy’s Gluten Free Chocolate Cake and still had points left for the day.

Weight Watchers Points Plus Rewards Us for Eating Right

I’ve said it before, zero points for most fruits and veggies is a brilliant concept.  I don’t know anyone who became overweight from eating too many of those food groups, at least not the point-free ones.  On the old Flex Plan it was too easy to substitute fruits and veggies and the points they cost for junk food.  I’ve just got to keep my favorite fruits stocked up so I don’t stray too far with snacking.

Another good thing is that this plan makes it easy to jump back in when you have a bad day.  Even if I had done much worse and used my entire points for the week, I would have eaten my daily points only for the rest of the week and start new the following week.  One bad day should never stop your diet plan in its tracks.  Pick yourself up and get back on plan.

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  1. Kris, I believe the closer you get to goal the more difficult it is to lose. That’s when many plateau. A true plateau is when you don’t lose anything for 3 months, so a 2 week stall (even with a pound gain), isn’t bad in the scheme of things.

    I know that doesn’t make you feel good, but you might need to shake things up. Are you eating all of your points? If not, try it. Do you exercise? Maybe it’s time to do something different or longer.

    Best of luck to you, you’re more than halfway there and I bet you can see and feel it!

  2. I am really starting to get a little depressed. I have been doing ww points plus for 10 weeks. I have lost 16.6 pounds, but for the last 2 weeks I have not lost a pound. In fact the scale has gone up 1 pound. I am not sure what I can do to fix this but I would love any suggestions. I am 14 pounds away from my goal weight

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