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Got That Click Again – Weight Watchers Points Plus

To make a long story short, I got sick last year – the big C.  Two surgeries – one major, followed by 33 rounds of radiation and I actually looked good and was near my goal weight because of nausea brought on by radiation.  I was eating very healthy at one point – mainly vegetarian.  Bought everything I could organic.

Once treatment was over I was good for a while but then fell off the wagon.  Sometimes I actually felt that if I wasn’t going to make it I should enjoy myself and eat what I weight loss clickwanted – life is too short.  I knew I had been gaining weight but it hit me when I went on vacation last week and I didn’t have anything to wear.  Nothing fit unless it was stretchy.  I felt uncomfortable and knew that this couldn’t go on.  On the last day of our trip we went to a fancy restaurant where we indulged and I actually felt uncomfortably stuffed.  That was when I got that “click” and knew that I was going to go back on an eating plan.

I never canceled my online Weight Watchers subscription so decided to go back on the Points Plus program.  I had done well with it and thought the new plan with most fruits and veggies at 0 points was genius.  It makes a person who doesn’t go to fruits and vegetables first, like me, think twice.  At my vacation home we have an orange tree with the sweetest oranges and I brought some home with me.  Had one this morning – the start to my weight loss so I can fit into my clothes again and not be embarrassed.


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