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First Week Back on Weight Watchers Points Plus an Eye Opener

diet eye openerI know I haven’t been on a good eating plan for quite some time now and going back to Weight Watchers Points Plus has been a real eye opener.  I thought I was eating pretty well, although my ever-tightening clothing would suggest otherwise.  I was trying to control my binge eating, but I realize I wasn’t doing enough.

Writing down what I’m eating really shows me what’s actually going into my mouth, or what I’d like to be eating on a daily basis.  Now instead of having 3 or more squares of good chocolate, I am down to one.  Same with my two Pamela’s Gluten Free cookies I usually have with lunch or dinner.  That’s also been reduced to one.  Thank goodness for the 0 point fruit because I’d be really hungry right now and I’m kind of having “food withdrawal” feelings.

It is also making me rethink some things.  For dinner tonight I had a can of gluten free cream of mushroom soup.  I usually pair that with potato chips (my favorite is Cape Cod 40% less fat).  When I realized the small amount of chips I’d get, I substituted 2 cups of white cheddar organic popcorn.  And you know what?  That was actually satisfying.  It gave me the mouth chew and crunch I needed and 2 cups is a decent portion vs. the smaller amount of chips I’d get.

Even while eating well I am going over my allotted 26 daily points.  I’m a believer in using all of my allowed points, including the extra weekly points and any activity points earned.  I’ve written about this before – I’ve noticed that when I don’t eat enough trying to speed weight loss it backfires and that’s when I plateau.

I started in the middle of my online Weight Watchers week and I was going to try to figure out the extra weekly points so I didn’t go too crazy as the new ones will start again tomorrow.  I’m not going to worry about it as I only used 3 yesterday and 5 today.  These were my kick-start days and tomorrow will begin my first full week back on plan.  And I can tell it’s going to be a challenge.

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