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DietPoint App

I just went back to Android after 2 years with my wonderfully large Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows phone.  Unfortunately, the Windows store didn’t have the apps I needed for my business as a real estate agent (it had some, but not a couple I really wanted to use).  Loved the phone, needed more apps.

So while going through the Play Store for Android, I found the DietPoint App.  I’m loving it!  I did upgrade for $4.99 (I hope it’s a one-time fee – I couldn’t find anything saying it was recurring, although it has asked me to go Pro after I upgraded).  I’ll have to check my credit card the next couple of months.

it’s fun!

I’ve gone through this app many times over, checking out the different diets.  Most of them give you 3-5 days worth of eating plans (a couple offer up to a week and one has different phases).  You can repeat them if you’d like.  For the free version you’re given enough plans to get you started but the paid version gives them all to you.

I also love that once you choose a plan, it will give you a shopping list.  I shared it with my Evernote account and was easily able to shop for the current plan just using my phone.

Something for everyone

There are detox plans, quick-start plans, flat belly, low carb, paleo, blood type, celebrity and many more.  I’m surprised that there were some I’ve never heard of.

You set up your profile and it will give you calorie consumption suggestions (although I wouldn’t lose anything based on what it’s telling me).  It also has a super simple weight tracker and it is promoting Ulla – a product that lets you track your water intake.

it keeps you on track

You set the start of the day that you’d eat breakfast and then it will send you reminders when to have your snack, lunch and dinner.  Each reminder has a tip below it about food and dieting.

I just finished a 3-Day Detox that I’ll be writing about next.  I am starting the On The Run – 800 calorie plan today, which is 5 days.  But I’m going to be making many hacks to that one.  Keep in touch to see how that one worked for me.

Give it a try, even if you’re following a plan

The DietPoint App is one of my favorite apps right now and I’m loving it more than any diet app I’ve ever used.  I get bored very easily and I need to shake up my food plans and this is just perfect for that.

Not to mention that it seems like I lose about 4 pounds on most diet plans and that’s where it stays.  I’ve been successful with long-term weight loss in the past with The Rotation DietThe Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet and Weight Watchers (The Wendie Plan version was the one that helped the most).

Maybe you’re getting bored with your current plan or you’ve reached a stall.  Try one of these short-term plans to rev up your metabolism and then go back to your normal program.  Or do what I’m doing – go down the list and choose plans that you like.

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