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Calorie Counter by fatsecret

app for fatsecret calorie counterThis is a cute little iPad app.  It was one of four I kept after immediately ditching some others.  There’s nothing wrong with it per se but it is the first of 4 that I’m getting rid of.

It was easy-to-use and some of you might like what I didn’t.  It is a bland, vanilla interface.  Kind of gray, black & white coloring, very simplistic.  I’ve learned that not everyone likes color like me after reading reviews about blog and website templates.  I’ve heard “beautiful” described for a very plain WordPress template, for example, and I didn’t see it.

fatsecret calorie counter screenshot
fatsecret calorie counter home page

As I’ve mentioned before, dieting isn’t fun and neither is tracking it every day.  I want something to lighten and brighten the task, and fatsecret’s calorie counter didn’t do that for me.


  • easy-to-use
  • great roller thingy for figuring portion sizes – it usually had a lot of choices unlike some others I’ve tried
  • has a barcode scanner, although it never worked, but if I manually entered the code it would find the item
  • has a good selection of items plus popular brands, supermarket brands and restaurants
  • has a sync capability
  • has an exercise diary and weight tracker
  • too vanilla and simplistic look for me, others might consider this a good thing
  • scanner didn’t work but code could be entered manually
  • the deal breaker for me was that the Daily Summary left a lot to be desired compared to other apps.  It did show a summary of items eaten, fat, carbs, protein & calories and at the bottom showed a percentage of RDI, but other apps showed how many calories you have left (or went over), since your last addition
I really liked this app at first until I started comparing it with the others.  I think it had the best portion choice with the little roller thing, which was my favorite part and it was enough to try to keep using it.  But it’s bad enough tracking on one app a day and this was the first to go out of the four I had left.

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