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3 Day Detox Diet

I recently introduced the DietPoint app I had downloaded on my new Android phone.  I read through many of the diets that were provided for free and the 3 Day Detox was one of those.  I chose that one first since I was getting back to an eating plan after being off for a while due to a back injury.  I did pay $4.99 to upgrade and now I have access to all of the eating plans.

As I mentioned before, I like to follow a plan and I like variety.  So I figured I would try the 3 Day Detox first, not so much for the detox part of it but for the low calorie start.

I figured it to be about 600 daily calories.  Please don’t comment about this being too few calories.  It’s 3 days folks.  It does state in the app that you can start over on it but I would not recommend doing that.  If you continuously reduce your calorie intake to 600 calories for a long time period you could really slow down your metabolism.

The plan stated that you could lose up to 9.9 pounds doing this.  I did not expect to lose that much – I wouldn’t want to lose that much in 3 days.  I’m only about 15 pounds from goal so this wasn’t my expectation.  But to give me a kick-start on dieting again I wanted to start out with something like the 3 Day Detox.

Day One

  • For breakfast I had 2 oranges and herbal tea.  I would normally never eat 2 oranges.  It seemed like a lot on the plate and I’m not sure why they didn’t allow mixing the morning fruits.  I guess it’s something to do with the “detox magic.”  I have no idea and it was kind of a chore eating all of the orange wedges.  At one point I had gone through a tea frenzy and I have a lot of different teas.  I also realized I don’t really care for herbal teas.  I chose strawberry and I’m not sure if I let it steep for too long but it seemed strong and I could barely finish it – in fact I don’t think I did.  I would have chosen mandarin orange herbal tea but since I had to eat 2 oranges I didn’t want to.
  • Lunch was a cup of vegetable soup.  I have a wheat allergy and I was upset when I saw on the soup carton that there was wheat in it.  I thought I read it when I chose it so I went through my pantry and found gluten free cream of broccoli soup.  Yuck!  It looked and tasted like baby food – not the tasty fruit and puddings but the icky green stuff.  Some salt and pepper didn’t help and they weren’t on the list – but this soup was almost inedible.  I forced it down and threw the rest away.  This would have been the more normal and tastiest of the meals so far but I screwed it up.  Most vegetable soups have some kind of pasta or barley in it unfortunately.
  • The next meal was a snack of 1/2 cup of raw cranberries.  Cranberries weren’t in season so I was lucky to find frozen at Whole Foods (I thawed them in a bowl before eating).  I love cranberries – in cranberry sauce – not raw!  I even had a raw cranberry dish but it had orange zest and of course, sugar.  I tried eating the raw cranberries and couldn’t do it.  Unsweetened raw cranberries are super sour.  So I grabbed my powdered Stevia and mixed them in some.  I should have at least cut them in half because there still wasn’t enough sweetness with leaving them whole.  I was actually getting sick to my stomach!
  • Snack # 2 of the day was homemade lemonade – not what I would consider a snack.  OK, the cupboard was bare of one of the ingredients.  I always keep pure maple syrup but didn’t realize my son had just finished it the night before.  Dang!  Foiled again!  So I used honey with 1 whole lemon and a large glass of water from my Zero water pitcher.  Pucker power!  I grabbed the liquid Stevia this time and added some – still wasn’t sweet enough but I didn’t feel like mixing it up again.
  • I think I hacked dinner.  I believe it was calling for 3 oz. of brown rice with 5 cherry tomatoes, fresh basil & some olive oil plus a salad of spinach with olive oil & lemon juice.  I just put it all together as kind of a stir fry.  I also added fresh garlic and some salt & pepper.  So I cooked everything using a little olive oil and I didn’t use any further lemon juice, especially after that sour lemonade for the snack I had prior to dinner.  That’s the photo to the right.  It was actually my favorite meal of this plan.

I’m not sure if it was the detox or the low calories or the lack of my daily cup of coffee, but I did not feel good during the evening.  I felt sickly, weak and agitated and had a headache.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue.  I was ready to throw in the towel for this one and start a new plan.  Stayed tuned to see if I made it to Day Two.

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