3 day detox diet called for apples today

3 Day Detox Diet – Day Two

I was ready to give up on this quick-start eating plan as mentioned in my first post about the 3 Day Detox Diet.  But strangely I felt better on the morning of the 2nd day and was ready to give it another try.  This time, however, I made some changes as you will see.


You’re supposed to have 2 apples with herb tea.  Apples aren’t my favorite fruit unless they’re covered with caramel and nuts and on a stick.  Or sliced and dipped in caramel or peanut butter or baked.  I could barely finish them.  The only fun part was that I went out and purchased 2 organic apples – one gala and one Fuji and it was kind of like a blind taste test.  I could tell the difference.  Only problem was I didn’t know which was which.  At least it offered a little bit of interest instead of eating 2 of the same apples.

I really missed my coffee the day before and felt my agitation and discomfort the prior evening was from detoxing from my daily cup of coffee.  I didn’t necessarily try the 3 Day Detox diet for the detox effect – I just wanted a low-calorie quick-start plan to get me back on track after being sidelined with a back injury and getting back into bad eating habits.

So I said screw it – I’m having my one cup of coffee.  I can’t drink black coffee so I had it with my normal milk.  I guess that does blow the detox benefits of the plan but I didn’t care.

morning snack

This is a repetitive diet and once again it called for 1/2 cup of raw cranberries.  After yesterday’s experience I said no way and I made one quick serving of cranberry sauce using Stevia.  Eating it that way was OK and I planned to do the same thing the next day.

I just put the 1/2 cup of cranberries in a small saucepan with some powdered Stevia and a little bit of water and heated it until the water evaporated and the cranberries were soft.


Besides different fruits each morning, the only other switch-up is that on the 2nd day you have your brown rice with 5 cherry tomatoes and some fresh basil with some olive oil and 2 cups of spinach with olive oil and lemon juice for lunch vs. dinner like the day before.  I made the same stir fry as yesterday by throwing everything together in a frying pan and it was an acceptable lunch.

afternoon snack

Oh wow, another home made lemonade.  I made sure I added enough Stevia this time and it wasn’t too bad.


The switch-up was 1 cup of vegetable soup for dinner instead of lunch like Day 1.  Doesn’t sound like much for dinner but I wasn’t hungry!  I made a quick run to a store and picked up the Lipton dry vegetable soup packets since I couldn’t find any wheat in them and I didn’t have time to do a lot of soup searching.

I followed the directions but the pieces of dried veggies were kind of chewy and not very pleasant.  The only good thing was I ate the entire amount the packet made as it was so low in calories.  Only 1 more day left so I decided to just use the remaining packet even though it wasn’t the best tasting vegetable soup.

Summary of Day 2 on the 3 Day Detox Diet

  • Good thing it’s only 3 days – pretty boring
  • I felt much better on the 2nd day – but maybe substituting my coffee for the herbal tea helped
  • I also drank regular iced tea throughout the day
  • I actually felt pretty good the 2nd night – I had a lot of energy
  • I wasn’t hungry at all

Read about my final day here.

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