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3 Day Detox Diet – Day 3

I’m still feeling good on day 3 of the 3 Day Detox Diet from my Android DietPoint app.  I’ve got a lot of energy, feel great, not hungry and no indigestion or acid reflux like I can get from my normal eating ways.

The 3rd day was a bit of a challenge because I was working on the road and needed to prep and package my meals up to dinner.

Breakfast – on the 3rd day it is 2 pears with herbal tea.  I purchased 2 different organic pears and had my coffee with a little milk instead.  I had to take a break from the pears as it was too difficult to finish all at once.  Surprisingly, unlike apples they weren’t discolored when I went back to them.

Morning snack – like I did the day before, I cooked up cranberry sauce with 1/2 cup cranberries, a bit of powdered Stevia and a little water – just cooked it down until the water evaporated and the cranberries were soft.  I had to put them in a little container and brought a plastic spoon.

Lunch – lunch today was the cup of vegetable soup.  I made the 2nd packet of Lipton dry vegetable soup and put it in a thermos.  I actually was able to stop home between appointments and ended up eating the soup with a spoon.  I’ll never buy that soup again!

Afternoon snack – I made my lemonade in a large infusion cup with the whole lemon, 1 tsp of honey and some liquid Stevia.  I was able to put a lid on and shake the honey which seemed to mix it up really well.  Since I was putting a half of the lemon I juiced in the infusion holder I added even more Stevia.  By the time I drank it, it was really good.  The best one yet.

Although this was the best tasting lemonade I made in the 3 days, citrus sometimes causes little sores on my tongue that really hurt.  It’s near the tip of my tongue and it hurts to eat or bump that area against my teeth.  It was so painful I figured it would be the same the next day but thankfully it went away.

Dinner – finally, the last meal of my 3 Day Detox diet.  The 3 oz. of brown rice with 5 cherry tomatoes, fresh basil & olive oil along with a salad of 2 cups of spinach with olive oil & lemon juice that I hacked by throwing it all together in a stir fry with some salt and pepper.

final thoughts on the 3 day detox diet

I’m so glad it’s over!  Too boring and weird for me.  I’m glad I stuck with it instead of giving up after day one, but I’d never do this one again.  In fact, I’d rather just count calories – 600 a day for 3 days if I were going to do something like this again.

The good news is that I lost 3 pounds in 3 days!  I realize it’s water weight and I might even gain some back but even a pound in 3 days at my current weight would have been good – although maybe not worth it for this particular eating plan.

I’ll be taking one day off from dieting because my granddaughter is graduating from 8th grade and we’ll be going out for dinner and then I’m going to start the On the Run – 800 Calorie diet for 5 days after that.  Don’t worry – this is still part of my quick start week and after this next “diet” I’ll be eating 1200 calories daily.  Stay tuned!

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