The Wendie Plan helped me reach goalMy introduction to Weight Watchers was stumbling across The Wendie Plan in Woman’s World magazine.  I didn’t consider Weight Watchers, but the Wendie Plan made sense to me.

The plan was just a different way to do Weight Watchers.  Instead of eating your allotted points each day, you switched up the points.  There were low points days, medium points days, high point days and a super high point day.  I noticed that the weekly points in the Wendie Plan were a bit less than Weight Watchers allowed.  I’m now not sure that is such a good thing.

You could still do something similar with Weight Watchers new PointsPlus program.  Take your total weekly points, including the extra 49 points.  Then split them up into varying points for each day of the week.  I used to take my super high point day for Friday or Saturday, which allowed me to go out to dinner and not worry so much about eating too many points in one day.  However, I sometimes struggled with my low points day.

My Wendie Plan Days

When I did The Wendie Plan I was under 150 pounds so followed the lowest points program.  My days were as shown below:

POINTS TARGET – 20 (Weigh Less than 150 lbs)
• Day 1 – 20 points
• Day 2 – 25 points
• Day 3 – 21 points
• Day 4 – 35 points Super High Day (SHD)
• Day 5 – 20 points
• Day 6 – 24 points
• Day 7 – 22 points

Since I always begin an eating program on Monday, I switched my SHD to Friday or Saturday instead of the Day 4 as shown above.  It is said you should keep it the same each week but the whole idea is to shake things up, so IMO it didn’t matter what day the SHD fell on, as long as you otherwise stayed on plan.

I Reshaped My Body

Using The Wendie Plan and an exercise regime, I went from size 12 pants, getting ready to buy size 14′s, to a size 4.  As I’ve mentioned, I am petite and pear shaped, so there was a huge difference.  I actually went under my goal weight and felt great.

Anyone Can Use the Wendie Plan

A lot of WW followers used an iteration of The Wendie Plan without knowing it by eating more on one day and less on others.  Some would save points for a special occasion.  For some reason The Wendie Plan was banned on a popular Weight Watchers forum, which I stopped participating in because it was so ridiculous to ban a different way to allocate your weekly points.

If you count calories or points no matter what diet plan you are on, you can do it via The Wendie Plan.  Figure out how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight (can be used for maintenance too to keep you on track), and set up your week in advance.  Use whatever tracking method you’re currently using.  If I wasn’t using WW online I would track in Sparkpeople.

How to do it for PointsPlus

Many PP users have 26 daily points and 49 extra for the week.  I try to use all of my points and I’ll write a separate post about that.  That means you have 231 points for the week in total.  Here is an example of how I could set up my daily points using The Wendie Plan idea:

• Day 1 – 29 points
• Day 2 – 33 points
• Day 3 – 30 points
• Day 4 – 32 points
• Day 5 – 29 points
• Day 6 – 47 points Super High Day (SHD)
• Day 7 – 31 points

In reality, I do end up eating differently from day to day, although probably not this amount of points variation from one day to the next.  Right now I’m just doing PointsPlus using a few of the extra weekly points each day.  I will have enough left over on the weekend to have a higher point day, which is nice.  However, maybe I’ll eat via The Wendie Plan my next month instead of trying the 4-Hour Body program.  I’m so happy with WW PP that it will be difficult to leave it for another plan that is a lot more strict and limits food choices somewhat.